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Sustainable Development as a Goal

The Industry Strategic Map (2007 - 2015) defines sustainable development as Industry´s overall goal. It represents a complex challenge for a society deeply marked by inequalities and by the need to grow and promote social inclusion of a considerable portion of its population.

Brazil is going through a delicate moment. Many of the works necessary to accelerate the growth of the national economy are not being carried out, for  many reasons, but mainly  due to a lack of definition in the environmental  area. Such situations hinder investments in the country and, in the long-term, result in a substantial loss of the nation´s potential for economic growth.

In this context, CNI seeks - through its firm and thoughtful actions - to contribute towards the solution of the environmental issues. The Confederation takes part in all of the main forums that debate and regulate environment-related affairs such as the National Environment Council (Conama), the National Water Resources Council (CNRH) and the National Biodiversity Commission (Conabio).

CNI's  actions in those debates and forums have been directed towards the construction of a balanced regulatory framework capable of promoting the country's socio-economic development together with environmental conservation.

- see other councils in which CNI is permanently represented

Industry is fully aware that without the conservation of natural resources, the future of the next generations and the very viability of the productive sector itself will be threatened.

Qualification for the debate

The basis for CNI´s actions is the construction of strategic agendas and the definition of consistent positioning both in technical and economic terms. This work is sanctioned through a methodology of consultation with industry federations and industry sectoral associations.

To that end, CNI promoted a meeting in 2006 with the participation of the Standing Committee on Environment (Coema),   industry federations, associations and other entities from the productive sector, aiming at establishing a common agenda of priorities in the environmental area.

In 2007, CNI broadened that process of participation and alignment of the Brazilian industry regarding environmental issues. Such action culminated at  the 1st Brazilian Industry Conference on Environment (I CIBMA).

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